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Based on the 1973 film written and directed by Michael Crichton, Westworld focuses on what was clearly a favorite topic of the Jurassic Park author – a high concept theme park. In the park that gives the show its name, the Wild West has been painstakingly recreated. But this goes beyond the buildings to those who inhabit Westworld – human-looking robots/androids who have been “Built to gratify the desires of the people who come to visit” as one character puts it. Want to find a local to give you a tour of the area? There’s a robot for that. Want to shoot a bad guy? There’s a robot for that. Want to have sex with a prostitute? There’s a robot for that. And so on…
In Crichton’s movie – which not only feels like a precursor to his own Jurassic Park but to The Terminator – the robots abruptly turn on the guests, attacking and killing them, as our main character attempts to escape. As an ongoing TV show, Westworld can’t go for such a straightforward scenario though, and so while it’s clear from the start that something is going wrong (or at least unplanned) with some of the robots, it’s not erupting into any kind of war just yet. But what we get instead is enthralling.

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