ALLPlayer 9.1 is primarily the result of listening to user feedback and ideas about ALLPlayer 9.0, which was the first in the world to launch an automatic AI Voice-over feature for movies.

  • When a movie with dubbing is played, activating the AI Voice-over automatically switches to the original audio track (the voice-over does not overlay the dubbing but provides narration in the original language, such as English).
  • The AI Voice-over volume cannot be reduced to zero, which previously gave users the impression that the voice-over was not functioning.
  • Subtitles are automatically disabled after the AI Voice-over is loaded.
  • ALLPlayer often indicated no voice-over was available with embedded subtitles in the film.
  • The film database now has ten times more movies available with the AI Voice-over.
  • Numerous other minor bugs and user-reported improvements related to the AI Voice-over management have been addressed.
  • A new, improved Radio with more radio stations and more thematic channels has been introduced.
  • Non-subtitle text files (*.txt) are no longer loaded as subtitles - txt subtitle files are now checked beforehand.
  • Playback of mp3 files has been improved.