In an exciting development for the Raspberry Pi community, SaraKIT, a revolutionary expansion board, has been successfully funded on CrowdSupply. This achievement marks a significant milestone for both the developers and supporters who have eagerly awaited the realization of a project that promises to enhance the capabilities of the beloved Raspberry Pi.

The Journey of SaraKIT

Developed by a team of passionate innovators and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, SaraKIT began as a vision to expand the functionality of Raspberry Pi, particularly the Raspberry Pi CM4 module. The goal was to create a versatile, user-friendly platform that could cater to a wide range of applications, from robotics and home automation to advanced DIY projects.

What Makes SaraKIT Stand Out?

SaraKIT is not just another expansion board. It's a comprehensive solution that offers precision motor control, advanced voice command capabilities, and enhanced connectivity options. It features three sensitive microphones, allowing for effective voice recognition from distances up to 5 meters, and provides support for integrating popular voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa.

Applications and Potential

The versatility of SaraKIT opens up a world of possibilities. It is ideal for creating sophisticated robotics projects, developing smart home systems with voice control, and much more. The integration of BLDC motors offers a more reliable and quieter alternative to traditional servos, making it perfect for applications where precision and noise levels are crucial.

Community and Open Source

Embracing the spirit of the Raspberry Pi community, SaraKIT is not just a product but a platform for collaboration and innovation. The project is open source, ensuring accessibility and encouraging enthusiasts to contribute, modify, and share their unique applications and experiences.

The Crowdfunding Success

The success on CrowdSupply is not just a financial milestone but a testament to the community's faith in SaraKIT. The funds raised will be instrumental in kickstarting the production process, ensuring quality manufacturing, and fulfilling the backers' orders.

Looking Forward

With the funding phase completed, the focus now shifts to production and distribution. The team behind SaraKIT is committed to transparency and will continue to provide regular updates to backers. They are also working on developing and sharing more applications and examples to inspire and assist the users.


The successful funding of SaraKIT on CrowdSupply is just the beginning of a new chapter in Raspberry Pi enhancements. It represents a leap forward in making advanced technology accessible and customizable for hobbyists, educators, and professionals alike. As the SaraKIT community grows, we can expect to see a surge of innovative and diverse projects, further enriching the world of Raspberry Pi and DIY electronics.

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